On the last Sunday, heavy heat had gone and autumn started emerging, we drived to Norikuradake, famous of its easiness to clime to 3000m peak.To the sightseeing center by my car, to Tatamidaira by a dedicated bus. From Tatamidaira to the peak is 1.5 hour by foot.
As planned, we arrived at the sightseeing center just after 10am. Parking is full!!? One place was open. Happy enough. After bus riding to Tatamidaira, we started climbing.
Sky was almost clear.Beginning of red foliage was beautiful.Far landscape of Yaligatake,Hotaka was mind refreshing.
But 30minutes later, my wife said “Cann’t walk any more”.Then lunch and rest we had. But no good.
At Tatamidaira after descending, there was a long queue for a return bus. More than 30minutes waiting,a comboy of 8 buses came. We could ride and came back to the sightseeing center. The attached picture was taken on the descending way.
“Now home!” we drived on to the ChuoDo highway, relaxed. But sign board said, more than 3 hours from Otsuki to Hachioji!”Oh my!”
Patient,Patient,Patient,saying to myself,being relieved by a small collision accident(excuse me),arrived at home at 12 midnight.

Long sunday it was!

Found myself in face of YariHotaka, in the midst of Shallow red foliage


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