to enhance target discrimination of halation pictures

original:one from Ikiikiphoto contest

スクリーンショット 2016-02-28 9.43.54

Common traits of whitened pictures are lack of lower value pixels(as right down graph) and centered saturation(as right up graph). The result of extension of these two distributions is shown below.

スクリーンショット 2016-02-28 9.44.34

Saturation might be a little excessive, but targets in the picture become discriminative for sure.

every buds of white quince stand up toward the heaven


As itchy of throat didn’t stop, I visited a clinic signed as respiratory specialist. Being said slight athma, I surprised. Sixtieth old I am. One week later, there came data of blood check. Doctor said “To my regret, there’s no allergy”. Regret!!

With medicine from mouth and a small plaster on upper arm, almost eased. But not perfect. Is it really asthma?


At the end of allay, fly after and being flied, spring sparrows

One of them bloomed carelessly, buds of quince tree

Sixtieth birthday

My sixtieth birthday have come. At fiftieth, I felt no anxious about my health. But sixtieth is different. Throat got weak, eyes are not clear, ears lessened the ability. Among others, my vigor weakened. Ah~~.

In blue sky white knife used Mt. Fuji

Side of me another camera targeted to snowed Mt. Fuji